[ ey-ah ]

  1. the Akkadian god of wisdom, the son of Apsu and father of Marduk: the counterpart of Enki.

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  1. a suffix occurring in loanwords from Latin: cornea.

Origin of -ea

<Latin -ēa, -aea, -ea, feminine singular and neuter plural of -ēus, -aeus, -eus;see -ean

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  1. each.

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  • Haec sententia S. Alphonsi magni momenti est, et in Ea solutio multarum difficultatum inveniri potest.

  • Impotentia psychica Ea est quae ex coercitatione inhibente cerebri in centrum genito-spinale exercitata devenit.

  • Indeed the Indian legend appears to throw light on the original Sumerian conception of Ea.

    Myths of Babylonia and Assyria | Donald A. Mackenzie

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  1. each

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