early bird


a person who rises at an early hour.
a person who arrives before others, as for the purpose of gaining some advantage: The early birds got the best seats for the play.
(initial capital letters) Aerospace. the first of the Intelsat series of communications satellites, orbited (1965) by Intelsat.

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Origin of early bird

First recorded in 1885–90

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Examples from the Web for early bird

  • Hobbs dogged them at a safe distance while they sallied forth and in a neighboring street discovered an early-bird bakery.

    The Black Bag|Louis Joseph Vance

British Dictionary definitions for early bird

early bird


informal a person who rises early or arrives in good time

Early Bird


one of a number of communications satellites, the first of which was launched in 1965 into a stationary orbit and provided telephone channels between Europe and the USSee also Intelsat
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