/ (ˈɜːnə) /

  1. a person who earns money

  2. British and Australian informal an activity or thing that produces income, esp illicitly: a nice little earner

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How to use earner in a sentence

  • It is followed by forty-four pages of argument and illustration relating exclusively to the able-bodied wage-earner.

  • The handsome sister is the younger; she never, when she was a wage-earner, went through the streets alone.

    The Leaven in a Great City | Lillian William Betts
  • The independent wage-earner found his hope of political recognition in allegiance to the political machines.

    The Leaven in a Great City | Lillian William Betts
  • Mention the trouble if the man of the house is sick and out of work, and there is no other wage earner.

    The Complete Club Book for Women | Caroline French Benton
  • Where before he had been a subaltern not always even a wage-earner—now all in a moment he had been transformed into a high chief.