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  1. Wy·att Ber·ry Stapp, [wahy, -, uh, t-, ber, -ee-stap], 1848–1929, U.S. frontiersman, law officer, and gunfighter.

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They won't stay dead until the Earp heir—Wynonna—offs them with Wyatt's famous 16-inch-barrel revolver, dubbed Peacemaker.

By now, most Americans have learned what they know of Wyatt Earp from the screen.

Harrison Ford is reportedly planning to play Earp in a film adaptation of the 2007 novel Black Hats.

The irony is that the idealization of Earp as a good guy with a gun, an unswerving servant of law and order, is a myth.

Over the decades, film and television has told a consistent narrative about Earp.

The Earp myth originated not in Hollywood, but with Earp himself.

Then she wept silently; but each large tear Made pleading music to the inward earp.

Miss Earp's evening classes were attended by Denry, but none of his money went into her pocket.

"I've called about the rent, Miss Earp," he said, and by an effort looked her in the eyes.

Ruth Earp, without the least warning, exploded into a long peal of gay laughter.

In one scenario, the setting of a gruelling contest at the managerial level becomes "highnoon," for the Earp brothers.


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