[ eer-pees ]


  1. a piece that covers or passes over the ear, as on a cap or eyeglasses.
  2. an earphone.


/ ˈɪəˌpiːs /


  1. the earphone in a telephone receiver

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Word History and Origins

Origin of earpiece1

First recorded in 1835–45; ear 1 + piece

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Example Sentences

“Pending,” says the metallic voice through the earpiece and my heart sinks.

He would watch her through a hole in the window and give her instructions through an earpiece.

Mudd stood outside to announce each vote as it was reported by telephone from the Senate press gallery to the CBS control room to his earpiece.

Prosecutors allege that many of the defendants “prepared themselves for battle” equipping themselves with items such as helmets, “hard-knuckle” tactical gloves, ballistic goggles, radios with an earpiece and bear spray.

From TIme

Minuta was dressed in “battle apparel,” including hard-knuckle tactical gloves, ballistic goggles, a radio with an earpiece and bear spray, prosecutors said.

And—to judge by the guy in a suit with an earpiece standing stiffly in the hotel lobby—Commissioner has a security detail of one.

It began with a man in a suit waiting outside an art gallery's door, sunglasses on his face, and an earpiece in his ear.

Producers are barking into an earpiece to speed things up or slow things down.

Ellen is telling her exactly what to say through an earpiece.

That all changes when Ellen, via earpiece, has her shout, “I smell eggplant!”

The phone was working splendidly; even those without an earpiece could hear the over-production.

There was a series of clicks and buzzes in the earpiece then Zack heard a man's deep voice.

A gruff, angry male voice snarled out of the earpiece at me.

One hand held the control box for the little earpiece he wore.

She was about to snatch away the earpiece when she heard the noise of a door opening.


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