/ (ˈɜːθwədz) /

  1. towards the earth

Words Nearby earthwards

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How to use earthwards in a sentence

  • Or was that intelligence but the half of another, divided out there in eternity before being sucked earthwards?

    The Californians | Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  • He was about sixty-five years of age, venerable, with a white beard, his figure bent earthwards with hard work.

    The Octopus | Frank Norris
  • I turned to get the sheds beneath me, and three foot-treads sent as many bombs chasing each other earthwards.

    The Sequel | George A. Taylor
  • The thunders roared and cannonaded, while fierce lightnings, like liquid fires, raced earthwards down the blackened heavens.

    The Mark of the Beast | Sidney Watson
  • The white petal of an apple-blossom, part from its calyx, came floating earthwards; but a breeze caught it and wafted it aloft.

    Idolatry | Julian Hawthorne