East Africa


  1. a region of Africa comprising Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania

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Example Sentences

About 2,500 cheetahs are known to live in East Africa, which includes Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

The Himba people are thought to have originally come from East Africa, but have been traveling the Skeleton Coast for centuries.

The organization claims it is now the only cross-border anti-poaching unit in East Africa.

There is, after all, a great deal of demand for doctors in East Africa.

Endurance runners are more likely to come from East Africa and sprinters from West Africa.

The territory, hitherto known as "Ibea," from the initials of the company, was now styled the East Africa protectorate.

There were also several officials with high-sounding titles who were going out to their stations in German East Africa.

They belonged to the governor and were going out to East Africa to found a colony of chickens.

Two professional ivory hunters were starting for German East Africa by way of the lake.

He himself ardently desired to become a missionary, his sympathies being especially drawn towards East Africa.





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