Easter egg

[ ee-ster eg ]

  1. a chicken egg that is dyed and often given a figure or design, or an imitation of such an egg, as an egg-shaped candy or chocolate, used at Easter as a gift or decoration.

  2. Digital Technology. an extra feature, as a message or video, hidden in a software program, video game, DVD, etc., and revealed as by an obscure sequence of keystrokes or commands.

  1. Movies, Television. a hidden message, as a cryptic reference, iconic image, or inside joke, that fans are intended to discover in a television show or movie.

Origin of Easter egg

First recorded in 1570–80

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How to use Easter egg in a sentence

  • If you click on some dogs in a GQ feature, you get a quick Easter egg on what kind of woman that dog will help you attract.

  • The editor thanks Tillie S. for her pretty Easter-egg, with its kind wishes.

  • In age she's anywhere between 10 and 15, with a head not unlike in shape and appearance to a dark chocolate-colored Easter-egg.

    Bayou Folk | Kate Chopin
  • When she did, he saw that she held lightly but firmly clasped in her encircling fingers the pretty Easter-egg he had given her!

    Bayou Folk | Kate Chopin
  • He decided to build a wall all around Castle Easter egg and to lay out a garden under the tree.

    Little Tom | V. Tille
  • In the door of Castle Easter egg hung a flowered carpet for a curtain and at the windows were little shades.

    Little Tom | V. Tille

British Dictionary definitions for Easter egg

Easter egg

  1. an egg given to children at Easter, usually a chocolate egg or a hen's egg with its shell painted

  2. a bonus or extra feature hidden inside a website, computer game, or DVD, that is only revealed after repeated or lengthy viewing or playing

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