[ ee-ster-tahyd ]
/ ˈi stərˌtaɪd /
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Easter time.
the week following Easter.
the 50 days between Easter and Whitsuntide.
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Origin of Eastertide

1100–50; Middle English Estertyde,late Old English Eastren tyde.See Easter, tide1
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What does Eastertide mean?

Eastertide is another word for Easter time, the period around Easter, the holiday on which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Easter is also widely observed in secular (nonreligious) ways and is often associated with rebirth and the start of springtime, but Eastertide is typically used in religious contexts.

Easter always occurs on a Sunday, and the day is sometimes called Easter Sunday. In religious contexts, Easter can also refer to the Easter season or Eastertide. Sometimes, Eastertide is considered to consist of Easter Sunday and the week after. Some branches of Christianity consider Eastertide to last for 50 days, until the day known as Pentecost or Whitsunday.

Where does Eastertide come from?

The first records of the word Eastertide come from the 1100s. The word tide refers to a specific period or time or season. It is used in the same way in other words that refers to seasons, such as wintertide (a less common word for wintertime), or periods following holidays, as in Christmastide.

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What are some synonyms for Eastertide?

  • Easter time
  • Easter season
  • Easter week

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How is Eastertide used in real life?

Eastertide is not all that commonly used, especially because many people celebrate Easter on a single day.


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Eastertide always begins on the same date.

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British Dictionary definitions for Eastertide

/ (ˈiːstəˌtaɪd) /

the Easter season
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