[ ee-ting ]
/ ˈi tɪŋ /


the act of a person or thing that eats.
food with reference to its quality or tastiness when eaten: This fish is delicious eating.


good or fit to eat, especially raw (distinguished from cooking): eating apples.
used in eating: eating utensils.

Origin of eating

Middle English word dating back to 1125–75; see origin at eat, -ing1, -ing2


un·eat·ing, adjective

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Origin of eat

before 900; Middle English eten, Old English etan; cognate with German essen, Gothic itan, Latin edere


eat·er, nounout·eat, verb (used with object), out·ate, out·eat·en, out·eat·ing.un·der·eat, verb (used without object), un·der·ate, un·der·eat·en, un·der·eat·ing. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈiːtɪŋ) /


food, esp in relation to its quality or tastethis fruit makes excellent eating


relating to or suitable for eating, esp uncookedeating pears
relating to or for eatingan eating house

British Dictionary definitions for eating (2 of 3)



abbreviation for

Tanzania (international car registration)

Word Origin for EAT

from E(ast) A(frica) T(anganyika) or E(ast) A(frica) Z(anzibar)

British Dictionary definitions for eating (3 of 3)

/ (iːt) /

verb eats, eating, ate or eaten

See also eat out, eats, eat up

Derived forms of eat

eater, noun

Word Origin for eat

Old English etan; related to Gothic itan, Old High German ezzan, Latin edere, Greek edein, Sanskrit admi
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Medicine definitions for eating

[ ēt ]


To take into the body by the mouth for digestion or absorption.
To consume, ravage, or destroy by or as if by ingesting, such as by a disease.
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Idioms and Phrases with eating


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  • eat and run
  • eat away at
  • eat crow
  • eat high off the hog
  • eat in
  • eat like a bird
  • eat one's cake and have it, too
  • eat one's hat
  • eat one's heart out
  • eat one's words
  • eat out
  • eat out of someone's hand
  • eat shit
  • eat someone alive
  • eat someone out
  • eat someone out of house and home
  • eat someone's ass out
  • eat someone's lunch
  • eat someone up
  • eat up

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  • dog eat dog
  • proof of the pudding is in the eating
  • what's eating you
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