echo chamber

[ ek-oh cheym-ber ]
/ ˈɛk oʊ ˌtʃeɪm bər /
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a room or other enclosed space that amplifies and reflects sound, generally used for broadcasting or recording echos or hollow sound effects: an open-air echo chamber;The hallway is a giant echo chamber.
an environment in which the same opinions are repeatedly voiced and promoted, so that people are not exposed to opposing views: an online echo chamber;We need to move beyond the echo chamber of our network to understand diverse perspectives.
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Origin of echo chamber

An Americanism dating back to 1935–40
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How to use echo chamber in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for echo chamber

echo chamber

a room with walls that reflect sound. It is used to make acoustic measurements and as a source of reverberant sound to be mixed with direct sound for recording or broadcastingAlso called: reverberation chamber
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