[ ey-klah; French ey-kla ]
/ eɪˈklɑ; French eɪˈkla /


brilliance of success, reputation, etc.: the éclat of a great achievement.
showy or elaborate display: a performance of great éclat.
acclamation; acclaim.

Origin of éclat

1665–75; < French: splinter, fragment, burst, flash, brilliance, Old French esclat, noun derivative of esclater to burst, break violently, probably < Old Low Franconian *slaitan to split, break (compare Old High German sleizan to tear), a causative of Germanic *slitan; see slit

Can be confused

éclat élan
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British Dictionary definitions for eclat


/ (eɪˈklɑː, French ekla) /


brilliant or conspicuous success, effect, etc
showy display; ostentation
social distinction
approval; acclaim; applause

Word Origin for éclat

C17: from French, from éclater to burst; related to Old French esclater to splinter, perhaps of Germanic origin; compare slit
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