[ ek-tuh-plaz-uhm ]

  1. Biology. the outer portion of the cytoplasm of a cell.: Compare endoplasm.

  2. Spiritualism. the supposed emanation from the body of a medium.

Origin of ectoplasm

First recorded in 1880–85; ecto- + -plasm

Other words from ectoplasm

  • ec·to·plas·mic, ec·to·plas·mat·ic [ek-tuh-plaz-mat-ik], /ˌɛk tə plæzˈmæt ɪk/, adjective

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How to use ectoplasm in a sentence

  • The diameter is about 50µ; the vacuolated ectoplasm passes gradually into the granular endoplasm.

  • In this form (fig. 5) there is no distinction between ectoplasm and endoplasm, and there is an entire absence of vacuoles.

British Dictionary definitions for ectoplasm


/ (ˈɛktəʊˌplæzəm) /

  1. cytology the outer layer of cytoplasm in some cells, esp protozoa, which differs from the inner cytoplasm in being a clear gel: See also endoplasm

  2. spiritualism the substance supposedly emanating from the body of a medium during trances

Derived forms of ectoplasm

  • ectoplasmic, adjective

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