[ ee-dee ]


  1. a female given name, form of Edith.

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Example Sentences

Edie gave me the opportunity to come out to LA and San Francisco and New York and actually play in clubs.

After doing that with Edie, the minute I got back to Baltimore I realized it was time to make a move.

Edie walked with him from their apartment in Friendship Heights to the Metro.

As he studied political science at the University of Michigan and later met Edie, his vision problems did not initially interfere with biking, skiing, reading or work.

The LGBT equality movement has many, from Ellen to Edie to Laverne Cox.

Edie Windsor, by which I mean, poster children for the cause with compelling mainstream narratives.

No, I think the rift between Pam and Edie is too deep for any sort of reconciliation.

“We always go in a large group because of the traffic,” the Dutch girl, a sweet girl named Edie, explained to me.

Another Warhol “Screen Test”, this time shot in early 1965, and putting a static Edie Sedgwick on screen for four minutes.

It did not take much to make them laugh, and it is possible that they laughed as much at Edie as with her.

She knows how to ride, Edie does—none better—but the way Perry scared the horse didn't leave Edie much of a chance.

Iuliane e edie iesu cristes leouemon of his blisfule luue balde 40 hire seoluen.

Sir Arthur and Edie followed, and it remained for Lovel to make the more hazardous final ascent.

Then, without waiting for an answer, old Edie stalked toward a low doorway and disappeared.





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