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[ ed-uh-fahy-ing ]


  1. instructive or beneficial, especially morally or spiritually; uplifting:

    We had our meals together, during which we listened to reading from an edifying children's book.

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Other Words From

  • ed·i·fy·ing·ly adverb
  • un·ed·i·fy·ing adjective

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Example Sentences

There were observations he would make that would be edifying to me.

The always-edifying Ann Coulter tweeted that Marines were “protecting his right to menstruate.”

Such intemperate exchanges will hardly count as edifying but they may, alas, be unavoidable.

And pundits can always be relied upon for edifying breed comparisons.

When do we ever see elected officials engage in that sort of careful, thoughtful dialogue in an edifying way?

It is quite edifying to hear Mr. Slocum reading the village paper aloud, to his wife, after a hard day's work.

This edifying ceremony could easily be seen from the square, as the windows are very near the ground, and were also open.

The way in which they worked together was not edifying, nor calculated to impress the natives with a sense of dignity and power.

I am vastly complaisant, amuse myself in Routes and private parties and play shilling Whist with the most edifying resignation.

Publish then, this good, this edifying and instructive little Piece for their sakes.