[ ed-muhnd ]


  1. a town in central Oklahoma.
  2. Also Edmund. a male given name: from Old English words meaning “rich, happy” and “protection.”

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Example Sentences

Edmond, who testified via video link on Wednesday, was the 22nd person to take the stand the prosecution in Kelly’s trial.

On Wednesday, Edmond said that he was contacted to perform the marriage “not too long” after he got ordained.

Edmond led the newsroom and editorial page, while Armistead concentrated on printing and technical issues.

Edmond began the inventory of looted objects after the liberation and before Paul returned to France.

Ned—or Edmond—mechanically fastened another button of his shirt and did not reply.

It was many hours later that Octavie drew the locket from her bosom and looked at Edmond with a questioning appeal in her glance.

The result was the state of things described with only pardonable exaggeration in Edmond About's amusing Roi de la montagne.

Rightly has Edmond de Goncourt called him a lyric poet, the great poet of the eighteenth century.

The sale of Edmond Malones library at Sothebys in 1818 occupied eight days, and brought 1649.