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[ed-muh ndz]
  1. George Franklin,1828–1919, U.S. lawyer and politician: senator 1866–91.
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[ed-muh nd]
  1. a town in central Oklahoma.
  2. Also Ed·mund. a male given name: from Old English words meaning “rich, happy” and “protection.”
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Examples from the Web for edmunds

Historical Examples

  • Mrs. Edmunds read the letter, and she and Mary were at once all excitement.

    The Long Labrador Trail

    Dillon Wallace

  • We passed the snow house where Edmunds and his man had spent the previous night.

  • It was after dark Sunday night when my letter to Edmunds reached the Post.

  • It was commonly known in Utah that Roberts was a violator of the Edmunds law.

    The Story of the Mormons

    William Alexander Linn

  • The specimen is owned by Mr. Edmunds and is in the collection of Mr. Ridout.