[ ef-er-ves ]
/ ˌɛf ərˈvɛs /

verb (used without object), ef·fer·vesced, ef·fer·vesc·ing.

to give off bubbles of gas, as fermenting liquors.
to issue forth in bubbles.
to show enthusiasm, excitement, liveliness, etc.: The parents effervesced with pride over their new baby.


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Origin of effervesce

1695–1705; < Latin effervēscere, equivalent to ef- ef- + ferv- hot (see fervent) + -ēscere -esce

Related formsef·fer·ves·cence, noun

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/ (ˌɛfəˈvɛs) /

verb (intr)

(of a liquid) to give off bubbles of gas
(of a gas) to issue in bubbles from a liquid
to exhibit great excitement, vivacity, etc
Derived Formseffervescible, adjectiveeffervescingly, adverb

Word Origin for effervesce

C18: from Latin effervescere to foam up, from fervescere to begin to boil, from fervēre to boil, ferment

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Word Origin and History for effervesce



1702, from Latin effervescere (see effervescence). Related: Effervesced; effervescing.

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