[ ef-i-kuh-see ]
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noun,plural ef·fi·ca·cies.
  1. the capacity for producing a desired result or effect: Short, frequent periods of practice were shown to have greater efficacy than longer and less frequent ones.

  2. a measure of the success of a vaccine or other pharmaceutical when used in the controlled environment of a clinical trial, as opposed to in the real world.: Compare effectiveness (def. 3).

Origin of efficacy

First recorded in 1520–30; from Latin efficācia, from efficāc- (stem of efficāx ) “effective, effectual” + -ia, noun suffix; see efficacious, -y3
  • Sometimes ef·fi·cac·i·ty [ef-i-kas-i-tee] /ˌɛf ɪˈkæs ɪ ti/ .

Other words from efficacy

  • non·ef·fi·ca·cy, noun

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/ (ˈɛfɪkəsɪ) /

  1. the quality of being successful in producing an intended result; effectiveness

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