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[ ih-fek-tiv-nis, ee-fek ]


  1. the quality of producing an intended or desired result:

    For maximum effectiveness of your weight loss plan, you need to combine exercise with a healthy diet.

  2. the quality of producing a deep or vivid impression:

    We were struck by the evident appeal and effectiveness of these short, dramatic, upbeat video stories.

  3. a measure of the success of a vaccine or other pharmaceutical when used in the real world, as opposed to the controlled environment of a clinical trial. Compare efficacy ( def 2 ).

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Other Words From

  • sub·ef·fec·tive·ness noun
  • su·per·ef·fec·tive·ness noun
  • un·ef·fec·tive·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of effectiveness1

First recorded in 1600–10; effective ( def ) + -ness ( def )

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Example Sentences

“Generally, my idea of an effective workout tiktok is one that actually teaches viewers something,” says Gach.

Beyond that, though, the most effective way to do so is to wear a mask, most likely preventing the wearer from spreading the virus should they be infected.

Companies need more cost-effective solutions and greater flexibility as business models shift.

I think we’ve been effective at tamping down rumors and a lot is the tone.

Communities will also need better fire detection and notification systems, redundant evacuation routes, and more effective emergency response practices.

Ever since it was created in 1965, politicians and researchers have studied and debated its effectiveness.

The culture of promotion through seniority kills creativity and effectiveness.

The trouble comes from overconfidence in their effectiveness.

William Lloyd Garrison was probably the most prominent leader who relied on the effectiveness of hellfire.

The effectiveness of these pamphlets, and the awareness of its writers are apparent in one Lum digs up called “To Mothers.”

The result is, with the inward retreat of the steep it enters on conditions which diminish the effectiveness of the wave stroke.

Whether Madame Probasco was feigning or not, the outstanding fact was that the next experiments varied greatly in effectiveness.

Once they permitted the possibility of defeat to possess them their effectiveness would decrease.

The blockade of Leghorn was enforced with the utmost rigor and great effectiveness.

This is all the more deplorable because the effectiveness of sexual education is minimised through the lack of insight.





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