[ ef-luh-res ]
/ ˌɛf ləˈrɛs /

verb (used without object), ef·flo·resced, ef·flo·resc·ing.

to burst into bloom; blossom.
  1. to change either throughout or on the surface to a mealy or powdery substance upon exposure to air, as a crystalline substance through loss of water of crystallization.
  2. to become incrusted or covered with crystals of salt or the like through evaporation or chemical change.


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Origin of effloresce

1765–75; < Latin efflōrēscere to blossom out, equivalent to ef- ef- + flōrēscere to begin to bloom (flōr(i)-, stem of flōs flower + -ēscere -esce)

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British Dictionary definitions for effloresce


/ (ˌɛflɔːˈrɛs) /

verb (intr)

to burst forth into or as if into flower; bloom
to become powdery by loss of water or crystallization
to become encrusted with powder or crystals as a result of chemical change or the evaporation of a solution

Word Origin for effloresce

C18: from Latin efflōrēscere to blossom, from flōrēscere, from flōs flower

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Word Origin and History for effloresce



"to come into flower," 1775, from Latin efflorescere "to blossom, spring up, flourish, abound," from ex "out" (see ex-) + florescere "to blossom," from flos (see flora).

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Medicine definitions for effloresce


[ ĕf′lə-rĕs ]


To blossom; bloom.
To become a powder by losing water of crystallization, as when a hydrated crystal is exposed to air.
Related formsef′flo•rescence n.

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