[ verb ih-fyooz; adjective ih-fyoos ]
/ verb ɪˈfyuz; adjective ɪˈfyus /

verb (used with object), ef·fused, ef·fus·ing.

to pour out or forth; shed; disseminate: The town effuses warmth and hospitality.

verb (used without object), ef·fused, ef·fus·ing.

to exude; flow out.
Physics. (of a gas) to flow through a very small orifice.


scattered; profuse.
Botany. spread out loosely.
(of certain shells) having the lips separated by a gap or groove.

Origin of effuse

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin effūs(us) (past participle of effundere) poured out, equivalent to ef- ef- + fūsus poured (see fuse2)


un·ef·fused, adjectiveun·ef·fus·ing, adjective
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verb (ɪˈfjuːz)

to pour or flow out
to spread out; diffuse
(intr) to talk profusely, esp in an excited manner
to cause (a gas) to flow or (of a gas) to flow under pressure

adjective (ɪˈfjuːs)

botany (esp of an inflorescence) spreading out loosely

Word Origin for effuse

C16: from Latin effūsus poured out, from effundere to shed, from fundere to pour
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