[ ee-jes-tuh, ih-jes- ]
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noun(used with a singular or plural verb)
  1. matter egested from the body, as excrement or other waste.

Origin of egesta

1780–90; neuter plural of Latin ēgestus carried out. See egest

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How to use egesta in a sentence

  • On their return to Athens these men reported that egesta was possessed of fabulous riches.

  • The solid egesta are voided thickly covered with mucus, leaving the end of the bowel dry and clean.

    Fletcherism | Horace Fletcher
  • If Nicias was prepared for the news from egesta, his two colleagues were taken completely by surprise.

  • But they were especially incited by envoys from egesta, who had come to Athens and invoked their aid more urgently than ever.

  • Many patients are averse to food, and where little is taken in, the egesta must be inconsiderable.

British Dictionary definitions for egesta


/ (iːˈdʒɛstə) /

pl n
  1. anything egested, as waste material from the body; excrement

Origin of egesta

C18: from Latin, literally: (things) carried out; see egest

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