a cardinal number, ten plus eight.
a symbol for this number, as 18 or XVIII.
a set of this many persons or things.


amounting to 18 in number.

Origin of eighteen

before 1000; Middle English ehtetene, Old English eahtatēne; cognate with Old Norse āttjān, German achtzehn. See eight, -teen
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the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and eight and the product of two and nineSee also number (def. 1)
a numeral, 18, XVIII, etc, representing this number
the amount or quantity that is eight more than ten
something represented by, representing, or consisting of 18 units
(functioning as singular or plural) a team of 18 players in Australian Rules football


  1. amounting to eighteeneighteen weeks
  2. (as pronoun)eighteen of them knew

Word Origin for eighteen

Old English eahtatēne; related to Old Norse attjan, Old High German ahtozehan
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Word Origin and History for eighteen

late 14c., eightene, earlier ahtene (c.1200), from Old English eahtatene, eahtatyne; see eight + -teen. Cf. Old Saxon ahtotian, Dutch achttien, Old High German ahtozehan, German achtzehn, Old Norse attjan, Swedish adertån.

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