[ey-tee-fawr, -fohr]


a cardinal number, 80 plus 4.
a symbol for this number, as 84 or LXXXIV.
a set of this many persons or things.


amounting to 84 in number.

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Historical Examples of eighty-four

  • Her husband of eighty-four sat sucking his pipe by her side.

    The Manxman

    Hall Caine

  • Boschen caught about one hundred; Jump, eighty-four; Hooper, sixty.

  • You ask a man who has lived eighty-four years who is his doctor!

    Sir Jasper Carew

    Charles James Lever

  • It 's an anxious case, sir,—a very anxious case; he 's eighty-four.

    Tony Butler

    Charles James Lever

  • To conclude, Sir Wycherly was now eighty-four; hale, hearty, and a bachelor.

    The Two Admirals

    J. Fenimore Cooper