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[ey-tee-sev-uh nth]
  1. next after the eighty-sixth; being the ordinal number for 87.
  2. being one of 87 equal parts.
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  1. an eighty-seventh part, especially of one (1/87).
  2. the eighty-seventh member of a series.
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Historical Examples of eighty-seventh

  • He died on the 9th October 1856, in his eighty-seventh year.

    The Retrospect

    Ada Cambridge

  • The Eighty-Seventh had been in the same command with the Twelfth for about a year.

  • She was in her eighty-seventh year, and at such an age all illnesses are dangerous.

  • In other respects it was about the same as below the eighty-seventh.

    My Attainment of the Pole

    Frederick A. Cook

  • They are now administering the eighty-seventh coercive pill to the Irish.