[ ahy-steth-vod, ey-steth- ]
/ aɪˈstɛð vɒd, eɪˈstɛð- /

noun, plural eis·tedd·fods, eis·tedd·fod·au [ey-steth-vod-ahy, ahy-steth-] /ˌeɪ stɛðˈvɒd aɪ, ˌaɪ stɛð-/.

(in Wales) an annual festival, with competitions among poets and musicians.

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Origin of eisteddfod

1815–25; < Welsh: literally, session, equivalent to eistedd sitting + fod, variant (by lenition) of bod being


eis·tedd·fod·ic, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for eisteddfod

/ (aɪˈstɛdfəd, Welsh aɪˈstɛðvɔd) /

noun plural -fods or -fodau (Welsh aɪˌstɛðˈvɒdaɪ)

any of a number of annual festivals in Wales, esp the Royal National Eisteddfod, in which competitions are held in music, poetry, drama, and the fine arts

Derived forms of eisteddfod

eisteddfodic, adjective

Word Origin for eisteddfod

C19: from Welsh, literally: session, from eistedd to sit (from sedd seat) + -fod, from bod to be
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