1. serving to eject.
  2. Phonetics. (of a voiceless stop, affricate, or fricative) produced with air compressed above the closed glottis.
  1. Phonetics. an ejective stop, affricate, or fricative.

Origin of ejective

First recorded in 1650–60; eject + -ive
Related formse·jec·tive·ly, adverbnon·e·jec·tive, adjectiveun·e·jec·tive, adjective
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Historical Examples of ejective

  • It applies with equal felicity to things and persons, to the objective and to the ejective realm.

British Dictionary definitions for ejective


  1. relating to or causing ejection
  2. phonetics (of a plosive or fricative consonant, as in some African languages) pronounced with a glottal stop
  1. phonetics an ejective consonant
Derived Formsejectively, adverb
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