a native or inhabitant of ancient Elam.
Also Elamitic. a language of unknown affinities, spoken by the Elamites as late as the 1st century b.c., written c3500–c2500 b.c. in a linear script and thereafter in a cuneiform script.


of or relating to Elam, its people, or their language.

Origin of Elamite

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Historical Examples of elamite

  • Like the Elamite war-captive he represents the king of Babylon, and dies for him.

  • This Humman was, he thinks, possibly an Elamite god of vegetation.

  • But, as relations between Elam and Babylon grew more peaceful, Elamite captives were scarce.

  • Wearied of sacrificing princes of his house, the king substitutes Elamite prisoners of war.

  • No Elamite prisoner was hanged (as I had sagely conjectured) at any stage of the evolution of the Saca.

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an inhabitant of the ancient kingdom of Elam
Also called: Elamitic, Susian the extinct language of this people, of no known relationship, recorded in cuneiform inscriptions dating from the 25th to the 4th centuries bc


of or relating to Elam, its people, or their language
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