[ ee-luh-tiv, el-uh- ]
/ ˈi lə tɪv, ˈɛl ə- /


noting a case, as in Finnish, whose function is to indicate motion out of or away from.


an elative case.
an adjectival form, as in Arabic, denoting intensity or superiority, approximately equivalent to the comparative and superlative of other languages.

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Origin of elative

1585–95; < Latin ēlāt(us) (see elate) + -ive
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British Dictionary definitions for elative

/ (ˈiːlətɪv) /


(in the grammar of Finnish and other languages) denoting a case of nouns expressing a relation of motion or direction, usually translated by the English prepositions out of or away fromCompare illative (def. 3)


  1. the elative case
  2. an elative word or speech element

Word Origin for elative

C19: from Latin ēlātus, past participle of efferre to carry out; see elate
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