[ el-i-kam-peyn ]
/ ˌɛl ɪ kæmˈpeɪn /


a composite weed, Inula helenium, naturalized in North America, having large yellow flowers and aromatic leaves and root.

Origin of elecampane

1350–1400; Middle English, equivalent to Old English ele(ne), eolone (metathetic alteration of Medieval Latin enula, Latin inula elecampane) + Middle English campane < Medieval Latin campāna, equivalent to camp(us) field + -āna, feminine of -ānus -ane, -an
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/ (ˌɛlɪkæmˈpeɪn) /


a perennial flowering plant, Inula helenium, of Europe, Asia, and North America having large hairy leaves and narrow yellow petals: family Asteraceae (composites)

Word Origin for elecampane

C16: from Medieval Latin enula campãna, from enula (from Greek helenion) + campãnus of the field
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