[ ih-lek-ter ]
/ ɪˈlɛk tər /


a person who elects or may elect, especially a qualified voter.
a member of the electoral college of the U.S.
(usually initial capital letter) one of the German princes entitled to elect the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

Origin of elector

1425–75; late Middle English electo(u)r < Late Latin ēlēctor chooser, equivalent to eleg-, variant stem of ēligere (see elect) + -tor -tor


non·e·lec·tor, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for elector

/ (ɪˈlɛktə) /


someone who is eligible to vote in the election of a government
(often capital) a member of the US electoral college
(often capital) (in the Holy Roman Empire) any of the German princes entitled to take part in the election of a new emperor

Derived forms of elector

electorship, noun
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