electric cell

  1. A device, such as a battery, that is capable of changing some form of energy, such as chemical energy or radiant energy, into electricity. Also called voltaic cell♦ An electric cell that converts light energy into electrical energy using the photoelectric effect is called a photoelectric or photovoltaic cell; such cells are used in the generation of solar power and are called solar cells. See also galvanic.

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How to use electric cell in a sentence

  • Nothing, that is, except an electric cell and a few drops of the unknown solution.

    The Skylark of Space | Edward Elmer Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby
  • Half the light is deflected on this screen, with a delicate photo-electric cell at its center.

    Out Around Rigel | Robert H. Wilson
  • These considerations will show that the eye is practically a photo-electric cell.

  • For a high degree of accuracy in determining stellar magnitudes the photo-electric cell is unsurpassed.

    Astronomy | David Todd
  • And we arrive at a typical photo-electric cell (fig. 98, b).