[ ih-lek-troh-dahy-uh g-noh-sis ]
/ ɪˌlɛk troʊˌdaɪ əgˈnoʊ sɪs /

noun, plural e·lec·tro·di·ag·no·ses [ih-lek-troh-dahy-uh g-noh-seez] /ɪˌlɛk troʊˌdaɪ əgˈnoʊ siz/. Medicine/Medical.

diagnosis by the observation of the changes in electric irritability that occur as a result of a disease, as recorded by an electroencephalogram or the like.

Origin of electrodiagnosis

OTHER WORDS FROM electrodiagnosis

e·lec·tro·di·ag·nos·tic [ih-lek-troh-dahy-uh g-nos-tik] /ɪˌlɛk troʊˌdaɪ əgˈnɒs tɪk/, adjectivee·lec·tro·di·ag·nos·ti·cal·ly, adverb
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Medical definitions for electrodiagnosis

[ ĭ-lĕk′trō-dī′əg-nōsĭs ]


Determination of the nature of a disease through observation of changes in electrical irritability.
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