[ ih-lek-troh-mahy-uh-graf, -grahf ]
/ ɪˌlɛk troʊˈmaɪ əˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf /


a device for recording electric currents from an active muscle to produce an electromyogram. Abbreviation: EMG

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Origin of electromyograph

First recorded in 1945–50; electro- + myograph

Related formse·lec·tro·my·o·graph·ic [ih-lek-troh-mahy-uh-graf-ik] /ɪˌlɛk troʊˌmaɪ əˈgræf ɪk/, adjectivee·lec·tro·my·o·graph·i·cal·ly, adverbe·lec·tro·my·og·ra·phy [ih-lek-troh-mahy-og-ruh-fee] /ɪˌlɛk troʊ maɪˈɒg rə fi/, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for electromyography


/ (ɪˌlɛktrəʊmaɪˈɒɡrəfɪ) /


med a technique for recording the electrical activity of muscles: used in the diagnosis of nerve and muscle disorders
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Medicine definitions for electromyography


[ ĭ-lĕk′trō-mīə-graf′ ]


An instrument used in diagnosing neuromuscular disorders that produces an audio or visual record of the electrical activity of a skeletal muscle by means of an electrode inserted into the muscle or placed on the skin.
Related formse•lec′tro•my•ogra•phy (-mī-ŏgrə-fē) n.

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