electron volt

[ ih-lek-tron-vohlt ]
/ ɪˈlɛk trɒnˌvoʊlt /
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noun Physics.
a unit of energy, equal to the energy acquired by an electron accelerating through a potential difference of one volt and equivalent to 1.602 × 10−19 joules. Abbreviations: eV, ev
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Also e·lec·tronvolt, electron-volt .

Origin of electron volt

First recorded in 1925–30
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British Dictionary definitions for electron volt

/ (ɪˌlɛktrɒnˈvəʊlt) /

a unit of energy equal to the work done on an electron accelerated through a potential difference of 1 volt. 1 electronvolt is equivalent to 1.602 × 10 –19 jouleSymbol: eV
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Scientific definitions for electron volt

electron volt

A unit used to measure the energy of subatomic particles. One electron volt is defined as the energy needed to move an electron (which has an electric charge equal to -1) across an electric potential of one volt.
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