[ ih-leng-kuh s ]
/ ɪˈlɛŋ kəs /

noun, plural e·len·chi [ih-leng-kahy, -kee] /ɪˈlɛŋ kaɪ, -ki/.

a logical refutation; an argument that refutes another argument by proving the contrary of its conclusion.

Origin of elenchus

1655–65; < Latin < Greek élenchos refutation
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/ (ɪˈlɛŋkəs) /

noun plural -chi (-kaɪ) logic

refutation of an argument by proving the contrary of its conclusion, esp syllogistically
Socratic elenchus the drawing out of the consequences of a position in order to show them to be contrary to some accepted position

Word Origin for elenchus

C17: from Latin, from Greek elenkhos refutation, from elenkhein to put to shame, refute
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