[el-uh-fuh n-tahy-uh-sis, -fan-]


Pathology. a chronic filarial disease resulting in lymphatic obstruction, characterized by marked enlargement of the parts affected, especially of the legs and scrotum, transmitted by mosquitoes.
untoward growth or development: bureaucratic elephantiasis.

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Origin of elephantiasis

1575–85; < Latin < Greek elephantíāsis, equivalent to elephant- elephant + -iāsis -iasis

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pathol a complication of chronic filariasis, in which nematode worms block the lymphatic vessels, usually in the legs or scrotum, causing extreme enlargement of the affected areaSee also filariasis
Derived Formselephantiasic (ˌɛlɪˌfæntɪˈæsɪk, ˌɛlɪfənˈtaɪəsɪk), adjective

Word Origin for elephantiasis

C16: via Latin from Greek, from elephas elephant + -iasis

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Word Origin and History for elephantiasis



1580s, from Greek elephantos, genitive of elephas "elephant" (see elephant) + -iasis "pathological or morbid condition." It refers to two diseases, one characterized by thickening of a body part (E. Arabum), the other, older meaning is "disease characterized by skin resembling an elephant's" (E. Græcorum, also called Egyptian leprosy).

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Chronic, often extreme enlargement and hardening of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, especially of the legs and external genitals, resulting from lymphatic obstruction and usually caused by infestation of the lymph glands and vessels with a filarial worm.
Related formsel′e•phan•tiac′ (-tīăk′) adj.

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