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/ ˈɛlɪfənts /


  1. slang.
    drunk; intoxicated

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Word History and Origins

Origin of elephants1

C20: shortened from elephant's trunk, rhyming slang for drunk

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Example Sentences

She worked with wildlife as a volunteer in Peru and the Galapagos; she worked with elephants in Thailand, at a zoo in Australia.

And elephants do occasionally use their trunks as snorkels while swimming.

Africans are the park rangers protecting the elephants and other wildlife from violent criminal poaching networks.

“We can only save African elephants if China and Japan ban the ivory trade,” Thornton told me.

Beijing claims to oppose the illicit traffic in the tusks of elephants butchered by poachers.

On their way home, Clarence's papa told the little boy some stories about elephants.

The guns often sank almost to the trunnions; many a time the infantry had to help elephants and bullocks to haul them out.

It is well known that Ceylon abounds in elephants, many of which are captured and employed for various purposes.

Had I only arrived a fortnight sooner, I should have witnessed the mode of hunting, or rather snaring, elephants.

In the animal kingdom, besides the elephants, I was much struck by the number and tameness of the ravens of Ceylon.


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