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[ ih-lis-it ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to draw or bring out or forth; educe; evoke:

    to elicit the truth;

    to elicit a response with a question.


/ ɪˈlɪsɪt /


  1. to give rise to; evoke

    to elicit a sharp retort

  2. to bring to light

    to elicit the truth

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Derived Forms

  • eˌliciˈtation, noun
  • eˈlicitor, noun
  • eˈlicitable, adjective
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Other Words From

  • e·lic·i·ta·tion [ih-lis-i-, tey, -sh, uh, n] noun
  • e·lic·i·tor noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of elicit1

First recorded in 1635–45; from Latin ēlicitus “drawn out” (past participle of ēlicere ), equivalent to ē- “from, out of” ( e- 1 ) + lici- “draw, lure” + -tus past participle suffix
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Word History and Origins

Origin of elicit1

C17: from Latin ēlicere to lure forth, from licere to entice
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Example Sentences

The broad digital transformation taking place in R&D is allowing researchers to automate time-consuming manual processes and opening new research horizons in thorny problems that have failed to elicit breakthroughs.

That’s concerning, but vaccinations may elicit a broader, more powerful immunity than a passing infection, so it’s impossible to say they won’t still work.

So it’s really engineered to elicit a protective immune response.

The direct listing came to the fore in 2018, when Spotify sought to tackle the first-day stock price pop that often comes with an IPO and elicits criticism that money is left on the table for the companies themselves.

From Fortune

The demos are typically impressive, but somewhat clinical and usually elicit an endless stream of Terminator references in just about every blog post and internet comment surrounding them.

With all due respect to his athletic skill, Gronkowski is not high on the list of NFL players that elicit carnal thoughts.

When a reporter asked him a question, it would often elicit a series of Jesuitical responses.

One agent in particular developed a rapport with Zubaydah and managed to elicit an all-important bit of intelligence.

The Golden Globes TV nominations reliably elicit a WTF reaction.

In the end, it was found that students working under Protess had used false pretenses in trying to elicit witness statements.

There will be an amicable settlement; and my word will be a knot in the chain of satisfactory evidence they will elicit.

Eleanor looked at Jane very sharply, but the sewing-girl's face was averted, so that questioning looks could elicit no answers.

Some of his walls are still pointed out, and the large stones he lifted elicit surprise.

This was said to elicit if there might be some variance in the statement of Lady Eleanor and her servant.

But, starting from that point, an exploration of hours failed to elicit the slightest trace.