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[ ih-lim-uh-neyt ]

verb (used with object)

, e·lim·i·nat·ed, e·lim·i·nat·ing.
  1. to remove or get rid of, especially as being in some way undesirable:

    to eliminate risks; to eliminate hunger.

    Synonyms: annihilate, exterminate, erase, eradicate, abolish, banish

    Antonyms: invite, get, obtain

  2. to omit, especially as being unimportant or irrelevant; leave out:

    I have eliminated all statistical tables, which are of interest only to the specialist.

    Synonyms: exclude, except, delete, drop

    Antonyms: incorporate, admit, accept, include

  3. to remove from further consideration or competition, especially by defeating in a contest.
  4. to eradicate or kill:

    to eliminate the enemy.

  5. Physiology. to void or expel from an organism.
  6. Mathematics. to remove (a quantity) from an equation by elimination.


/ ɪˈlɪmɪˌneɪt /


  1. to remove or take out; get rid of
  2. to reject as trivial or irrelevant; omit from consideration
  3. to remove (a competitor, team, etc) from a contest, usually by defeat
  4. slang.
    to murder in a cold-blooded manner
  5. physiol to expel (waste matter) from the body
  6. maths to remove (an unknown variable) from two or more simultaneous equations

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Eliminate is sometimes wrongly used to talk about avoiding the repetition of something undesirable: we must prevent (not eliminate ) further mistakes of this kind

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Derived Forms

  • eˈliminant, noun
  • eˈlimiˌnator, noun
  • eˌliminaˈbility, noun
  • eˈliminable, adjective
  • eˈliminative, adjective

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Other Words From

  • e·lim·i·na·bil·i·ty [ih-lim-, uh, -n, uh, -, bil, -i-tee], noun
  • e·limi·native adjective
  • none·limi·native adjective
  • pree·limi·nate verb (used with object) preeliminated preeliminating
  • une·limi·nated adjective
  • well-e·limi·nated adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of eliminate1

First recorded in 1560–70 and in 1915–20 eliminate fordef 4; from Latin ēlīminātus “turned out of doors” (past participle of ēlīmināre ), equivalent to ē- “from, out of” + līmin-, stem of līmen “threshold” + -ātus adjective suffix; e- 1, -ate 1

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Word History and Origins

Origin of eliminate1

C16: from Latin ēlīmināre to turn out of the house, from e- out + līmen threshold

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Example Sentences

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017 eliminated employee business expenses.

Hinges pop the glass a centimeter off the frame and let air in, eliminating pesky fog.

Chapple said the university will ultimately save money by eliminating the need to purchase “unnecessary plastics” and cutting down on recycling and garbage disposal fees.

Unsure whether Metro would get another stimulus, board members planned for the worst, proposing a budget for fiscal 2022 that included buying out or laying off a fourth of Metro’s workforce, closing 19 stations and eliminating weekend rail service.

They eliminate the need to run out to store for replacements, plus, they can be easily shared.

Third, the destruction: These hedge-fund managers want to eliminate all limits and oversight of charter schools.

The authors took care to eliminate the possibility of other sources of polarization, which is always a concern in astronomy.

The J in its name actually stands for Jian—annihilate, eliminate.

He ran on a serious one-issue platform: eliminate the office of lieutenant governor.

"I thought we should eliminate the office and save the state" what he estimates is $1 million in annual expenses.

At all events we have made up our minds to eliminate the Jap, what with one motive and another, and I think we will.

Isabel's brain seemed to eliminate every thought it had ever possessed and hurriedly to remodel down to one agonizing point.

Eliminate the disgraceful epithet from your vocabulary, sir, when you are addressing yours truly.

But you seem to eliminate the young people themselves as factors in the romance part of it all.

The threads lying alternately on the whip and on metal at the notched ends eliminate any possibility of the parts working loose.