[ ih-lees ]


  1. a female given name, form of Elizabeth.

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Example Sentences

Soon after starting at Vassar College in 2015 — the year she notes was the onset of the refugee crisis — Elise knew there was a need to “rethink the direction of humanitarian aid.”

From Ozy

When they were looking at recruiting women to run, I think it was nice to talk to someone like Elise who's been there and done it.

Republican Elise Stefanik, 30, of upstate New York, just became the youngest woman ever elected to the House of Representatives.

They and Michael's other family members, especially Elise, have been foremost in my mind over the last two days.

He threw the after-party at his then-home with his wife, the national security commentator Elise Jordan.

Elise Jordan is a New York-based writer who frequently travels to Afghanistan.

He spoke with Elise Jordan from his home of Ashland City, Tennessee, about that fateful night—a turning point in the Iraq War.

To give himself courage he looks also at Mlle. Elise, pretty as a flower, with her long eyelashes drooped.

She was adroitly suggesting Elise Malboir, whose little romance she had discovered.

That he did not love Elise, she knew well enough: he had been coldblooded; in this, at least, he was Napoleonic.

Madelinette fell fainting against the anvil, and, dazed and trembling, Elise hurried to her.

Valmond had, in a vague, graceless sort of way, worked upon the quick emotions of Elise.


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