[ elk-hahrt, el-kahrt ]


  1. a city in N Indiana.

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Example Sentences

The agency said it has provided advice and funding for testing clinics and education campaigns in Elkhart and across the state.

Yet Elkhart’s public health leaders and politicians know exactly what needs to be done — how to slow the virus and break the chains of transmission.

Still, in June, Elkhart saw its first big surge in infections.

While Elkhart endured protests to the government’s pandemic response, like those seen in Michigan and Pennsylvania, most residents remained open to doing what they could to slow transmission.

He also has a sister in Elkhart county, this state, all of whom have been telegraphed the sad news.

This was better than the run to Elkhart—and good enough in itself to beat the English figures.

It is hoped that the citizens of Elkhart appreciate this gentleman's devotion to "the great cause."

As my goods had arrived at Elkhart, I started out immediately, selling from a trunk, and met with splendid success.

Five minutes indoors sufficed me; and, bidding my escort a hasty adieu, I piloted Mac on to Elkhart.





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