or El·lin

[ el-uhn ]


  1. Mount, a mountain in S Utah. 11,522 feet (3,514 meters).
  2. a female given name, form of Helen.

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Example Sentences

In Isolation, you control Amanda Ripley, daughter of the original series’ protagonist Ellen, who travels to the space station Sevastopol in pursuit of information about her mother’s disappearance.

Ellen had just come to town and she was just starting out in the comedy clubs.

When Ellen asked her to clarify her use of the site for Christian singles, while not identifying as one, Loni broke it down in the hilarious way only she can.

Founders Ellen and Vrest Orton modeled their business after the general store run by Vrest’s father in North Calais, Vt.

The Kelly Clarkson Show currently airs after Ellen in most syndication markets.

From Time

“Lady Ellen was the first person who saw the real me,” said Roome about the effect Weirich has had on her life.

We worked in the cultural arena instead, with pioneers like Ellen and Will & Grace.

In January, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf addressed the country optimistically.

When four were injured and one killed, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf officially lifted the quarantine.

As Ellen DeGeneres learned with her now-famous Oscars selfie, you enlist the help of every nominee you can find.

Ellen Glasgow, a native of Richmond, was one of the most distinguished modern American novelists.

Yes, it is vindictive, I know; one does not grow tender towards the enemy at the grave of Ellen Jervis.

Ellen's high spirits will carry her through many a sharp battle, from which Emma's sensitive nature would never recover.

My brother Tom supped with me, and should have brought my aunt Ellen with him; she was not free to go abroad.

Balls, concerts, and soires had been given in breathless succession, and Ellen Morris issued tickets for yet another.