[ el-mer ]


  1. a male given name: from Old English words meaning “noble” and “famous.”

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Example Sentences

The tension around projections and what the right investment mix is between wholesalers like the Water Authority and retailers like the small water districts in North County isn’t unusual, Elmer reported.

Making commercial collection of food waste easier could help the county reach its climate goals, which is something it could be mindful of as it writes its new Climate Action Plan, Elmer writes.

There are other solutions on the table, though, as Elmer lays out.

In the latest Environment Report, Elmer took the latest reader email questioning the connection between man and climate change as a chance to dig into how we know humans are behind climate change.

“If the customers owned the utility, advocates think whatever money investors pocket as a result of their business with San Diego could come back to the community in the form of rate cuts or efficiency programs,” Elmer writes.

The psychologists who served there included two officers, James Elmer Mitchell and John Bruce Jessen.

I was driving some back roads near Elmer, N.J., when I came on a kid carrying a dead dog.

Check out this 2003 clip in which this soft-spoken Jewish pischer was transformed into Elmer Gantry.

“You win by fighting—and yeah, by punishing those who break ranks in the face of the enemy,” Elmer tells a protégé.

At first Lear thought of making a feature film satirizing Swaggart and his ilk—sort of an updated Elmer Gantry.

Elmer Spiker interrupted to inquire whether the turtles I had seen were "black-legs, red-legs, or yaller-legs."

Elmer Spiker, mine host of the inn, was huddled close to the stove, and was reading by the light of a lamp.

Having evolved this sage remark, Elmer twisted back to his old position and raised the paper.

The suggestion seemed a likely one, so I interrupted the flow of Elmer's troubled thoughts to say good-night, and went out.

This was too direct a slap at Elmer Spiker to pass unnoticed; Elmer was too old an arguer to use any ponderous weapon in return.





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