[ el-mahy-ruh ]


  1. a city in S central New York.

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Example Sentences

“The world realized that the matter of hijab, which I myself believe is a personal choice, could become an incident over which a young girl can lose her life,” Elmira says.

While Alig has left Elmira since our interview, Mike is still there.

The sign held by a little girl in Elmira, New York: "When I grow up, I wanna be just like Gerry."

And when Elmira come along down the road, she seen me by the gate a-crying, and she asts me why.

But another woman speaks up and says Danny must of been playing with them while Elmira was over town.

Clemens left that night with an invitation to visit Elmira by and by, and with the full intention of going—soon.

He had planned to make a spring tour to California, but the attraction at Elmira was of a sort that discouraged distant travel.

At last the night of the final lecture came, and he was off for Elmira with the smallest possible delay.





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