[ el-uh-kyoo-shuhn ]
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  1. a person's manner of speaking or reading aloud in public: The actor's elocution is faultless.

  2. the study and practice of oral delivery, including the control of both voice and gesture.

Origin of elocution

1500–10; <Latin ēlocūtiōn- (stem of ēlocūtiō) a speaking out, equivalent to ē-e-1 + locūtiōn-locution

Other words from elocution

  • el·o·cu·tion·ar·y [el-uh-kyoo-shuh-ner-ee], /ˌɛl əˈkyu ʃəˌnɛr i/, adjective
  • el·o·cu·tion·ist, noun

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How to use elocution in a sentence

  • His rhetoric was set forth with an ear-piercing elocution, and a voice that sometimes crashed like cannon.

  • The most remarkable for manners, appearance, and elocution are sent out to dress heads; and they come back tired to death.

    Unconscious Comedians | Honore de Balzac

British Dictionary definitions for elocution


/ (ˌɛləˈkjuːʃən) /

  1. the art of public speaking, esp of voice production, delivery, and gesture

Origin of elocution

C15: from Latin ēlocūtiō a speaking out, from ēloquī, from loquī to speak

Derived forms of elocution

  • elocutionary, adjective
  • elocutionist, noun

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