[el-uh-kwuh nt]
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  1. having or exercising the power of fluent, forceful, and appropriate speech: an eloquent orator.
  2. characterized by forceful and appropriate expression: an eloquent speech.
  3. movingly expressive: looks eloquent of disgust.

Origin of eloquent

1350–1400; Middle English (< Anglo-French) < Latin ēloquent- (stem of ēloquēns, present participle of ēloquī) speaking out, eloquent, equivalent to ē- e-1 + loqu- speak + -ent- -ent
Related formsel·o·quent·ly, adverbel·o·quent·ness, nounnon·el·o·quent, adjectivenon·el·o·quent·ly, adverbqua·si-el·o·quent, adjectivequa·si-el·o·quent·ly, adverbsu·per·el·o·quent, adjectivesu·per·el·o·quent·ly, adverbun·el·o·quent, adjectiveun·el·o·quent·ly, adverb
Can be confusedelegant eloquent

Synonym study

Eloquent, fluent, articulate, expressive are adjectives that characterize speech or speakers notable for their effectiveness. Eloquent suggests clarity and power: an eloquent plea for disarmament. Fluent, with a root sense of flowing, refers to easy, smooth, facile speech: fluent in three languages. Articulate characterizes a clear and effective speaker or speech: an articulate spokesman for tax reform. Expressive focuses on rendering intelligible or meaningful the ideas or feelings of a speaker or writer and implies an especially effective, vivid use of language: a deeply moving, powerfully expressive evocation of a city childhood. See also fluent.
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  1. (of speech, writing, etc) characterized by fluency and persuasiveness
  2. visibly or vividly expressive, as of an emotionan eloquent yawn
Derived Formseloquently, adverb

Word Origin for eloquent

C14: from Latin ēloquēns, from ēloquī to speak out, from loquī to speak
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Word Origin and History for eloquent

late 14c., from Old French eloquent, from Latin eloquentem (nominative eloquens), present participle of eloqui "to speak out" (see eloquence). Related: Eloquently.

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