[ el-roi ]


  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

The drone in question is called the Chaparral, which Elroy took the wraps off of earlier this year.

At the other end of H Street NE from the Big Board, Donna Durante-Miller, owner of the Elroy, a bar and hookah lounge, said she had to turn away multiple groups Saturday night because they didn’t have vaccine cards.

As yet, and until Ellen was off her hands, Lottie would not allow Mr. Elroy to consider himself engaged to her.

Entered as second-class mail matter at the post office at Elroy, Wis.

Lenise Elroy had seen Hector's face at the window, just a glimpse, but sufficient to frighten her.

He saw Mrs. Elroy coming toward him, and recognized her as the lady Brack had taken out in his boat.

He had also known Raoul Elroy and his wife, and been present at Hector's trial, on the grand jury, and after.





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