[ el-see ]


  1. a female given name, form of Elizabeth.

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Example Sentences

On a recent morning in the backyard of the family’s home, Lady was firmly held in Elsie’s arms.

From Time

Elsie was only 2 at the time, and when mother and child began to work with a therapist, Pamela Addison realized it was her way of communicating her loss.

Today, Elsie, who is 3½ and can speak, continually tells Addison to “be healthy” — expressing fears of losing her other parent.

All of them, Tuff and Kellie and Clyde and Elsie, like to take this wherever they go: He died doing what he wanted to do.

Elsie Clark knows there was been talk of naming a Brooklyn street after the rapper Biggie Smalls.

“His wife and the five kids were his life,” Elsie Clark says.

“My pastor said he had never seen a memorial like that,” Elsie Clark remembers.

Elsie Frank was well known as an activist for the elderly until she died a few years ago at 92.

Elsie would think it self-indulgent and abominable to stay in bed to breakfast—I don't.

"I didn't suppose there were such bea-u-tiful dresses in the world," sighed Elsie, looking about her.

And Genevieve, remembering Elsie's shamed, red face, decided suddenly that Elsie's secret was not hers to tell.

Elsie, at the moment, was engaged in taking off a somewhat unevenly faded green chambray frock.

Roger was sitting by the fire in the vicar's study, ministered to by Elsie French and her children.


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